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Imagine a world without mascara ladies!  It's possible with Xtreme Lashes© Eyelash Extensions! 


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What is a Lash Stylist?

Before I trained to become a lash stylist, I started in the dental field.  I still practice dental hygiene and am proud to say I am going into my 21st year of clinical work.  I am a certified lash stylist with Xtreme Lashes © . Xtreme Lashes©  holds the #1 ranking in the industry of lash extensions.  I hold an active license with the MN Board of Cosmetology as an Eyelash Technician Operator.  I absolutely love working one on one with women and being able to beautify their lash line is the perfect fit for my already steady and gentle hands. Visit this link


Why choose Eyelash Extensions?

After I got my first full set of lash extensions, I was hooked!  That was over 6 years ago and I simply cannot go without my  lash extensions.  My time getting ready in the morning has been drastically reduced.  No more curling, priming, and placing layers upon layers of mascara.  Lash extensions will change your life and you too can enjoy limited prep time in the mornings.  Lash extensions are easy to wear simple to maintain. Most of my clients are ultimately surprised how light they feel on their eyes. With just a few brush strokes, my lashes stay in place for the day and evening.


Toss Your Mascara Forever!

Truly there is no need for mascara!  Each natural lash receives a lash extension for classic lashing and multiple lash extensions for volume lashing.  Guess what?  You have hundreds of natural lashes on each eye.  By the end of a full set my clients enjoy 100+ of  lashes on each eye!  The BEST part about lash extensions is no mascara running down your face!   You can still wear your favorite eye shadow and eye liner, but many clients love the choice to wear nothing at all and still look like they spent time with makeup.  Ditch your raccoon eyes and give lash extensions a try!

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The decision to go forward with eyelash extensions is a personal one.  I would be happy to schedule a consultation to see if you would be an eligible client. This will help answer your questions and concerns and give you the opportunity see my lash studio.

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